Pipe Gates


We try to keep between 200-500 pipe gates in stock at all times.  All our gates are made from 1.66 (1 5/8) pipe.  The frames are constructed from LT Sch 10 and the rails are 14 ga.  Using heavier pipe in the frame makes the gate stronger, while using 14 ga. for the rails helps keep the weight down.  All our gates come with 3" of 4" x 3/8" flat already welded to the hinges as well as chain and latches attached. 

All of our gates are built to fit an opening that corresponds with the size of the gate.  For instance, a 12' gate fits a 12' opening.  On a 12' gate the frame of the gate is 11'8", you have 3" of hinge strap already attached and that will leave you a 1" gap on your closure side. Each size of gate we sell follows this same measurement rule.

Below are the gates we keep IN STOCK


Corral Gates

6 rails x 50" tall.

Sizes we stock: 2' - 20' in 2' increments.

(5 rail x 50" gates can be ordered but are not stocked)

7 rails x 60" tall

Pasture Gates

Our Pasture Gates are 5 rails x 42" tall.

Available Sizes: 12', 14', 16' 20'

We have this gate built especially for us.  The shorter height allows for more room between the bottom of the gate and the ground.  This makes the gate easier to open when there is grass, weeds, crops or snow under the gate.

Custom Gates

Custom gates can be ordered to fit your exact measurement needs.  If you need custom gates give us a call.