Below you will find some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.  If you don't find answers to your questions feel free to call or e-mail us, we're happy to answer all your questions.


Why do you not put your prices on your web site?


Do you take Credit Cards?


Do you offer delivery?


Do you do Special Orders?

We do not put our prices on our website because of the fact that steel prices change.  The fact that we operate on a "low margin, high volume" business model means that as steel prices change, our cost changes and thus our prices must change.  It would be next to impossible for us to keep our website prices updated.  We are happy to quote you prices over the phone or e-mail your current price sheets.

Yes we do!  If you are needing something we don't stock we are happy to order it for you.  All customer orders must be prepaid at the time of the order.

We do.  However, all the prices we quote are with a cash/check discount.  If you intend to purchase using a credit/debit card ask for our Credit Prices.

Absolutely.  We regularly order custom length alleys and gates.  Please note that on all custom orders you will be asked to sign off on the drawings and specs and payment in full will be expected at the time of order.

Can I get a custom alleyway or gates?

We can arrange delivery.  We seldom deliver ourselves but have some local guys that do delivery for us either by goose neck or Semi.  If you're interested in delivery prices let us know and we will get you a quote.


Do you drop ship loads from the factory?


Yes.  We can drop ship from GoBob, Montana Post Driver and others.  We can also drop ship semi loads of wire and t posts or mixed loads.