Who We Are:


287 AG, LLC is a Christ-centered, family owned and operated, supplier of Livestock handling and feeding equipment as well as agricultural fence supplies.  For many years our main business was Ag Construction; building cattle working pens, horse facilities, barns, etc.  With that experience we are able to help our customers find the best products to meet their needs.


We pride ourselves on our customer service!  Whether you are shopping in person at our store, or we are shipping products to you anywhere in the US, we want you to be satisfied!  Our main line of livestock handling and feeding equipment is manufactured by GoBob Pipe & SteelAs their largest and highest volume dealer in the US we are able to ship anything they offer, anywhere in the US straight from the factory saving you money!  We also maintain the largest inventory of GoBob products of anyone in the nation on hand right here in the Texas Panhandle.

Right up front we want you to know we are Christians.  We realize stating that will immediately cause many to scrutinize every thing we do.  And that's okay.  Accountability is a good thing and keeps us focused on "practicing what we preach".