Cedar Post & Stays




There are basically two types of Cedar posts and stays available in our area, Western cedar and Eastern cedar.  We have chosen to ONLY carry Eastern Cedar!  The reason, it is far superior to Western cedar posts and stays.  Eastern cedar posts are superior in several ways.  One, the heart of an Eastern cedar post comprises approximately 80% of the post, verses a Western cedar post that will usually be at most 60% heart.  Second, Eastern cedar post and stays are STRAIGHT!  The most common comment we hear about our cedar posts and stays is, "I've never seen a cedar post so straight, these things are as straight as a broom stick".  It's not uncommon for someone passing by to turn around and come back to our yard and say, "we were driving down the highway and saw these cedar post and had to come back to look at them.  We didn't know you could get cedar post so pretty and straight."  As a result we regularly have people from New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas stop in and buy as many cedar's as they can haul.  We've loaded them behind horses and cattle in the backs of trailers and even shipping containers that were just passing by.  Contractors love using these cedars for line post in barbed wire fences because once they drop them in the hole they don't have to wallow them around looking for a straight/flat edge to tie the wire to.

Yes, Eastern cedar post do cost a little more than Western cedars, but once you see them or use them, you'll know immediately that they are worth it!


Cedar Posts we stock

Cedar Stays we stock

4" x 7'

5" x 7" - These are our most common selling post for line posts in barbed wire fences.

1-2" x 5'

2-3" x 5'

3-4" x 5' Bull Stays


We can get virtually any size post or stay you want.  We typically only stock the above sizes as we have discovered that in our area they are what most people want.  If you need other sizes and/or lengths we can typically get them in within a week or so.