Barbed Wire & T Post


We are proud to only carry MADE IN THE USA Barbed Wire & T Post.  While we only stock a specific brand and type of barbed wire and t post, we can get just about any brand or style of babed wire, barbless wire, field fence, high tensile net wire, game fence, etc that you might need.

Our Barbed Wire is a 12.5 ga, 2 point wire on 5" spacings and carries an ASTM-A-121 ceretification.  This certification is important if you are using any NRCS cost sharing programs to build your fence, as it is a requirement by them for your wire.

Our T Post are the heavy 6' x 1.33 posts.  We only stock 6' T Post as they make up over 99% of all the post we sell.  If you've ever wondered what the differnce is between 1.33 and 1.25 T Posts are, you're not alone.  Most people know the 1.33 post are better than the 1.25 post but aren't for sure why.  1.33 and 1.25 actually refer to the weight per foot of the steel in the post.  So a 6' x 1,33 T Post is going to have 7.98 lbs. of steel in it as opposed to the 6' x 1.25 post which will have 7.5 lbss of steel in it.  This weight is determined  prior to the spade being attached and paint.  the final weight of our 6' x 1.33 post is 8.65 lbs.

In our part of the country we get lots of wind, tumbleweeds and blowing snow that drifts in fence lines.  Land owners have discovered that 1.25 T Post will easily bend over with these conditions and thus the 6' x 1.33 T Post is the standard for quality barbed wire fence in the Texas Panhandle, West Texas and other parts of the region.

We have several contractors that buy all their fencing supplies from us.  Since they handle more wire and post than anyone else, we listen close to what they do and do not like in barbed wire and T Post.  This has been a huge factor in determining what materials we stock.  Some of these contractors have bought semi loads of our post and wire at a time.

If you are in need of large quantities of wire and/or T Post we have the ability to drop ship full or partial semi loads to you at a reduced price.  These loads can be mixed and matched with both wire and posts.

Shop around and you will find our prices on Barbed Wire and T Post are the best in the area.